Early Christmas Music

Wyatt O’Brien

Staff writer

In recent years I have noticed that Christmas music is being played eariler in the yearseason. It is played on the radio and in stores. A lot of people find this annoying because when it isby December they are sick of hearing it everywhere they go.

I have heard people say that they have heard Christmas-centric music as early as September. It seems like once we are done with Halloween we skip over Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas. Just wait to listen to your holiday christmas music in December or late November. You will have plenty of time to listen to all the Christmas music you want. That way you don’t ruin Christmas music for others who wait a while to listen to their christmas music.

Christmas only comes once a year so don’t make people hate the music that comes along with the holiday. Go ahead and listen to your Christmas music but try to listen to it in December or in late November.

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